1. Q: Do I have to get more than one estimate?

A: You do not have to have more than one
estimate to get your vehicle fixed.

2. Q: Can I choose my own repair shop?

A: You can have your vehicle repaired at the
shop of your choice. You are not required
to use a shop selected by the insurance
company. You are required to give your
insurance company a reasonable amount of
time to inspect the damages prior to having
them repaired.

3. Q: Who authorizes the repairs?

A: As the vehicle owner, you are the only one
that can authorize repairs to your vehicle.

4. Q: How do you handle damage that wasn’t included
in the estimate?

A: Additional damage unseen during the initial
repair estimate can affect repair costs.
We will always keep you informed of any

5. Q: Who do you work for?

A: Both McCarty’s Auto Body and your insurance
company want your vehicle to be
repaired right, and for you to be completely
satisfied with your claims experience.

6. Q: What are my rights relative to my insurance?

A: You have specific rights and obligations during
the estimate and repair process. Please
take the time to review your policy carefully.

7. Q: When does McCarty’s Auto Body require payment?

A: As the vehicle owner, all repairs are being
done on your behalf. Payment in full is due
upon completion of the work. To avoid delays,
we advise securing payment from your
insurance company, along with any necessary
endorsements from any lien holders.

 8. Q: Does McCarty’s Auto Body help with my claim?

A: McCarty’s Auto Body is ready to help you
with anything you need during the repair
process, and will work closely with you to
make the experience as easy and painless
as possible.